Direct From Hollywood Cemetery on Halloween

DFHC has (once again) risen from the grave. We started as a Halloween-themed cover band (Misfits, Roky Erickson, The Sonics, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, etc.) in Richmond, VA (hence the reference to the Civil War cemetery that resides there). After a several year hiatus, the majority of the members all ended up living in New York City and we reconvened. We slowly started sprinkling in some originals until they made up the majority of our set lists.

The performance aspect of our shows has always been a big focus. Being a bunch of art-school graduates and/or drop-outs, we always end up building giant set pieces and props. Usually the singer's entrance involves busting out of a full-sized coffin, being carried onstage in a body bag to be shocked back to life, head served on a platter (Thanksgiving show) or something along those lines. There's usually a mid-show skit involving some sort of giant pinata filled with Jack Chik tracts, halloween or biblical themed candy and toys, booze, etc. to be destroyed by the audience.

Anyhow, the shows are always fun if not dangerous. We're playing this Halloween in Brooklyn, and I can pretty much promise you an inexpensively good time. Click on the image for all the info. See you there!

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