Upstate antics / David Heatley video

It was a weekend of taking friends off the market...

Two of Karen's friends from college got married at a small summer camp in the Adirondacks and one of my bandmates/old friends had his bachelor party. I was determined to do both, so I took a train up to Karen's parent's house upstate VERY early the morning after the bachelor party. We borrowed their car and drove another five hours into the mountains in order to just make the ceremony.

The smell of the woods always makes me feel exceptionally calm and relaxed. I found out that I am now too portly to fit into my custom made suit that I had made for our own wedding just two years ago. I had to pin the pants closed.

The ceremony was touching, with Jeremy playing guitar & singing (with cartoonist David Heatley singing harmony) as Bridgett walked down the "aisle" (it was outdoors). There was an outdoor dance party and fire-pit for the reception. It got down into the forties, so the fire was a nice, if not necessary, touch. We all slept in the old cabins with a wood stove for heat. Basically, it was quaint as hell.

Karen painted a banner for them that I think turned out amazingly well (pictured).

Speaking of David Heatley, remember those drawings of nerds I did for a video of his a long time ago? No? Oh well, you can see the video below regardless. Thirty something cartoonists & illustrators contributed nerds, which he turned into little puppets for the video.

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